Prospective Members

General Info: You are encouraged to attend a prospective member event if you are interested in joining the club (see more info below). This will allow you to meet some of our members and ask any questions you have. Once you decide to join, you will need to pay the $35/year membership dues and sign a liability form.

Membership Dues: $35/year. Free and reduce membership dues also available. Dues go toward fees such as the International Club and website fees, club supplies, service event costs, and any other materials, events, or charity donations as voted on by our members.


Membership Benefits: Included in paid club membership is access to several monthly club activities including home and park playdates, evening mom-only events, service events and service playdates, excursions around LA, speakers, and much more! You also get access to our private Facebook group where you can ask other local moms recommendations and advice, and even post anonymous questions if you want. The Facebook group is intended to be a safe and supportive place for moms to share what they know with others who are asking; and view the club event calendar. We also send weekly emails to our members with any pertinent club info as well as upcoming events.

Membership Requirements: At a minimum, our paid members are asked to : 1) host one event every six months and 2) attend at least one service event per year. However, as a member, you can host as many events as you would like including recurring monthly or weekly events.


Club Participation: Our paid members all participate at different levels. Some decide to or can only attend an event every so often but are very active on our Facebook community. Others attend almost every event. We also have opportunities within the club for leadership by joining committees and are always in need of different skill sets (website, newsletters, craft ideas, etc). If you have a certain passion, we encourage you to share it.

Prospective Member Events

Prospective members are encouraged to come to at least one but no more than two prospective member events before they decide if they would like to join the club (as per International Club bylaws).


Two types of club events are open to prospective members. First is the monthly Members Meet! meeting when our current members meet to learn about and vote on different issues related to the club such as service events options, board member changes, and how to spend club money. It is also a time when prospective members can ask questions and learn more about the club. We usually host these events the third week of the month at a local park within our club boundaries, so the kiddos can also play! The type of club events open to prospective members are park playdates hosted by board members. We try to rotate the prospective member events among weekdays during the day, after-school hours, and some weekend days/times. 

See below for our next events open to prospective members and be sure to RSVP!

Upcoming Events
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Members Meet! March Event (CANCELLED)
Based on the guidance of MOMS Club International, we have decided to pause all MOMS Club - West LA events until further notice.

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